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    Promoting long-term health, sustainability, and economic growth for people and communities by connecting science and policy at the local and state levels.
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    A new grassroots engagement and advocacy campaign to establish and nurture local and state-based multi-disciplinary peer networks of scientists and science enthusiasts.
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    While the legislators are actively filing, debating, and voting on legislation, MOST Policy Initiative will be drafting short ‘science notes’ to describe the science behind policy issues.
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bringing scientists and policy makers together

MOST Policy Initiative is aimed at bringing scientists and policymakers together to improve livelihoods for people and communities in the Midwest. The Missouri Science & Technology Policy Fellows program is the core, inaugural program under the umbrella of MOST Policy Initiative.

In addition to placing scientifically-trained fellows in our state capitol to provide scientific resources for policymakers, we also connect science to policy through the following priority areas:

Policy Initiatives

Working side-by-side with elected officials to incorporate more scientific information into state and local policy decisions
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Empowering Scientists

Providing resources and training for scientists interested in interacting with the policy-making process.
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Public Engagement

Engaging with the media and broader community on issues related to science and technology.
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Why Missouri?

The State of Missouri is composed of several unique regions, requiring ample representation in the state government. For this reason, our state has one of the largest general assemblies with 197 combined senators and representatives. Due to the shear abundance and diversity of legislation passing through the assembly each session, legislators often must rely on external guidance to be adequately informed. MOST Policy Initiative serves as a consistent resource for policymakers when developing and voting on legislation that will impact their constituents.

Bills introduced
in 2017
Legislators with STEM degrees

news & updates

Receive updates when science notes and reports are published by the MOST Policy Fellows and the Missouri Local Science Engagement Network. We will also keep you up to date on job openings, events, and other news about science and policy in Missouri. 

our blog

The State of Science Policy
The team at MOST Policy Initiative helps to document of translating research to policy.

Press Releases

We use press releases to share our organization's new and noteworthy events, programs, products, and partnerships. Press releases are distributed to local media outlets and shared with our followers and supporters.

Featured Scientists

Researchers, scientists, and engineers across Missouri are working every day to solve some of our state's most pressing issues. We use our featured scientists blog to tell their stories.


We connect science experts to conversations about energy, sustainability, and climate change and other pressing public policy concerns.

We'd like to introduce you to Dr. Ramon Martinez III, Health & Mental Health Policy Fellow at MOST! Dr. Martinez has a PhD in Pharmaceutical Science from the University of Maryland, Baltimore, where he studied drug therapies for melanoma.

Join us on Wednesday, January 19 at 3 p.m. CT to hear from MOST Directors @britwhits and @jmjmueller about how to prepare a successful MOST Policy Fellowship application.

Register today!

We'd like to introduce you to Dr. Elena Bickell, Agriculture, Conservation, Natural Resources, & Economic Development Policy Fellow at MOST! @DrElenaBickell has a PhD in Agricultural and Applied Economics from the University of Missouri, Columbia.

We'd like to introduce you to Dr. Tomy Granzier-Nakajima, #Energy & #Environment Policy Fellow at MOST! @TomotarohGN has a PhD in #Physics from Penn State, where he studied experimental condensed matter physics, exploring ways to manipulate the properties of graphene.

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