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Brittany Whitley, PhD

Executive Director
(573) 340-5738

Brittany earned her PhD in Molecular and Cellular Biology at the University of Washington- Seattle. Prior to her dissertation research, she completed her B.S. in Neuroscience at Bucknell University and served for two years at the National Institutes for Health as a post-baccalaureate research fellow. Brittany has worked enthusiastically to promote science accessibility for both policymakers and the public- as a Science Communication Fellow at the Pacific Science Center, Life Science Interpreter at the Seattle Aquarium and Policy Director for the UW Graduate and Professional Senate. She is eager to work with legislators, scientists and other stakeholders to support evidence-based policy making in Missouri.

Josh Mueller, PhD

Deputy Director
(314) 312-2107

Josh completed his Ph.D. in Dynamical Neuroscience from the University of California, Santa Barbara in summer 2020. His dissertation work, completed in the Complex Systems Group under the supervision of Dr. Jean Carlson, characterizes the syntax of fruit fly grooming behavior. Josh earned a B.A. in Biochemistry from the University of Pennsylvania, where he studied proteins responsible for the regulation of replication in Epstein-Barr virus and Kaposi’s sarcoma-associated herpesvirus.

Ngozi Ndekwu

LSEN Coordinator
(573) 540-3927

Dr. Ngozi earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Medicine and Surgery at the University of Lagos, Nigeria. She is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Healthcare Administration at the
University of Missouri (MU). She has experience in both clinical and non-clinical settings. Ngozi is passionate about strengthening the healthcare system, improving the quality of care delivery, and enhancing health equity.


Jill Barnas, PhD

Human Services, Corrections, and Public Safety Policy Fellow
(815) 274-9225

Cohort Year: 2020-21

Jill is from the Chicago suburbs in Illinois and completed her Ph.D. in Exercise Physiology from the University of Missouri-Columbia in May 2020. During her time at Mizzou, she was involved in investigating new devices for measuring body composition in addition to understanding the link between maternal obesity, maternal exercise, and the impacts on fetal outcomes and development. Her dissertation work focused on the influence of physical activity interventions on sedentary activity, social skill development, and problem behavior in elementary-aged children under the supervision of Dr. Jill Kanaley and Dr. Steve Ball. Jill earned a B.S. and M.S. in Exercise Physiology from the Illinois State University.

Tomotaroh Granzier-Nakajima, PhD

Energy and Environment Policy Fellow
(573) 340-5009

Cohort Year: 2021-22

Tomotaroh (Tomy) Granzier-Nakajima earned a PhD in Physics from Pennsylvania State University in 2021. His dissertation work was primarily focused on the modification of the electronic and electrocatalytic properties of graphene via strain and heteroatom doping. He is also a member of COPA-STEP, a science policy group seeking to bridge the gap between the scientific community and policy makers in Pennsylvania. Tomy earned a BS in Physics and Mathematics from the University of Arizona, and covers legislative policy topics related to energy and the environment.

Zachary Miller

Graduate Policy Fellow
(314) 308-5755

Zachary Miller is a Ph.D. candidate in Biological Sciences at the University of Missouri (MU) where he works with Dr. Lauren Sullivan to investigate climate change impacts on pollination ecology. Using alpine ecosystems as study sites, Miller uses novel acoustic techniques alongside long-term climate and floral data to understand how shifts in climate affect bumblebee health and pollination services. His work helps to demonstrate the viability of alternative, non-lethal methods for studying important pollinators. Miller is passionate about science outreach and education. He worked on an NIH SEPA grant with MU’s Linking Science & Literacy for All Learners to develop and implement middle school science curricula, and he presently serves on the executive team of Science on Wheels, an MU-based science outreach organization. After graduation, Miller seeks a career at the intersection of science and policy in Missouri. He is currently supported by an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship. Prior to MU, Miller served as a Sustainable Agriculture Extensionist in the United States Peace Corps in Paraguay and earned a B.A. in Environmental Studies at Truman State University.

Alan Moss, PhD

Education & Workforce Development Policy Fellow
(515) 441-4751

Cohort Year: 2021-22

Alan grew up in rural Iowa before attending Iowa State University to study plant ecology and corn genetics. He then joined the US Peace Corps where he served as a Science Educator in Sierra Leone (West Africa). While in the Peace Corps, he did public outreach on malaria, maternal health, sanitation, and Ebola prevention. Upon returning to the US, he attended Saint Louis University for graduate studies working in collaboration with the Missouri Botanical Garden and the Kunming Institute of Botany (China). For his PhD research, he spent three summers living on a Himalayan Mountain conducting field research on the drivers of bumblebee diversity. At Saint Louis University, he started several programs with the aim improving graduate education and inclusiveness. Alan covers legislative topics related to education and workforce development, and is excited to work with legislators, teachers, and scientists to improve education in Missouri.

Ramon Martinez III, PhD

Health & Mental Health Policy Fellow
(573) 316-5262

Cohort Year: 2021-22

Ramon earned his B.S. in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology as well as a B.A. in Psychology at the University of California, Santa Cruz. He then moved across the country to the University of Maryland, Baltimore to further pursue a Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Sciences. His dissertation work focused on novel therapeutic agents that can selectively regulate cell signaling, which may prove a promising alternative to current standard cancer therapies. Ramon was involved in the NIH’s Initiative for Maximizing Student Development Program that focused on helping diverse scientists bring their skills to biomedical research, and was an active member of the student government in graduate school. These experiences got him interested in promoting science accessibility, which he looks forward to working on as a MOST Fellow.


Sydney Grellner

Operations Assistant

Sydney is in her senior year of Undergraduate studies at the University of Missouri. She is majoring in both Biological Science and Psychology with minors in Sociology and Chemistry. After completing her degree, she hopes to attend Medical School and become an Obstetrician in hopes of helping women in impoverished communities seeking such medical treatments.

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