Missouri could see more tropical cyclones

Hurricane Laura made landfall on August 26th in Cameron, Louisiana, and brought flooding and storm damage, counted in the billions of dollars to the Southern United States. Right now, one week later, hundreds of thousands of homes and businesses still don't have access to electricity. From Louisiana, Hurricane Laura weakened to a tropical storm as it tracked north and east through Arkansas and Missouri, then to a tropical depression as it made its way through the Midwest and to the East Coast. We want to highlight how tropical cyclones are affecting the state of Missouri and the broader Midwest. Climate scientists use the term Tropical Cyclones as a more comprehensive term for hurricanes and tropical storms. Hurricanes typically lose strength as they make their way inland and weaken to tropical storms.

Communicating Climate Science in Missouri

Researchers are constantly learning more about the impacts of climate change, but findings tend to be complex and nuanced. Personal beliefs about global warming and climate change exacerbate the challenge to effectively communicate about climate science.  The majority of Missourians believe that climate change is happening, are worried about global warming, and believe that schools … Continue reading Communicating Climate Science in Missouri

Are there benefits to having kids in school during a pandemic?

Parents, teachers, and policymakers are grappling with the reality of COVID-19 this school year. As schools open all over the country, many are concerned about what it could mean for the health of the children, teachers, and the people they all go home to. For parents worried about the health and safety of their children … Continue reading Are there benefits to having kids in school during a pandemic?