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Proposed Landfill Expansion: Columbia, MO

Written by Scott Brown and Dan English
Published on August 26, 2021
Research Highlights
The City of Columbia Solid Waste Utility is looking forward to your comments on a proposed expansion of the city's landfill operation. The proposed new landfill area will be located on the south side of the current landfill operation at 5700 Peabody Road. You can comment online with an email by filling out this form. All comments must be submitted by September 3rd.
  • Landfill is considered an effective method of waste management, primarily due to its low cost and limited technical requirements. However, landfill use may have unintended environmental and socioeconomic consequences if managed improperly.
  • Landfills use compacted soil and composite plastic lining technologies to reduce environmental and health impacts of contaminated water leaching into groundwater.
  • Landfill gas collection technologies can reduce the amount of pollutants landfills release into the atmosphere.
  • Residents living near landfills may experience negative health impacts, such as respiratory ailments, compared to residents living further from the landfills.
  • Proximity to a landfill site may decrease residential property values and residents with low socioeconomic status tend to be most impacted by the economic and health consequences of landfills.
  • The health effects of living near a landfill are understudied, often rely on self-reported health data, and exclude contributing lifestyle factors that may influence health (e.g., smoking and alcohol consumption).
  • Studies often use different ranges for ‘proximity’ to judge exposure zone size.
  • There is no generally accepted method of measuring exposure to particulate matter and gasses potentially released by landfills to surrounding residents.
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