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Elevating Science in Missouri: The Role of the Missouri Local Science Engagement Network

Published on May 27, 2020

Here at the Missouri Local Science Engagement Network, we’re working hard to create resources to elevate science in policy conversations across the state of Missouri. We will soon be releasing a series of virtual briefings about important scientific topics – our first video will highlight how scientists across the state have responded to the COVID-19 pandemic. Bragging about Missouri’s researchers is one of our favorite things to do – please share your policy-relevant science outcomes so that we can brag about you and your colleagues too!

We’re also working to identify the most pressing societal issues for which science can offer solutions in Missouri. For instance, we know that communities across the state are experiencing different impacts of a changing climate and that these impacts look much different for farmers in rural Missouri than to low-income neighborhoods in our urban centers. Science can inform unique policy solutions for a broad spectrum of people and communities across the state. What are the issues facing your community?

Once we identify priority issues, we dig deeper to find out what our elected officials and community organizations are already doing to address those challenges. Tackling big societal issues takes an army of dedicated, passionate people – we hope that scientists are part of that army. Our goal is to equip scientists to be prepared to be part of the conversation and then help them identify the people and organizations who are already working to address these challenges. What issues are you passionate about addressing? Who are the leaders in your community on this issue?

Missouri scientists, engineers, and other STEMM professionals are at the heart of what we do. These experts can serve as critical informational resources for state and local decision-makers in Missouri. They are not only trained to digest and communicate on complex scientific topics, but they are also passionate about climate change, agriculture, health policy, and economics – issues that are impacting their neighbors. The Missouri Local Science Engagement Network aims to position Missouri’s scientists as trusted, non-partisan advisors on matters related to science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and medicine. What resources do you need to serve as a trusted messenger of scientific information to Missouri’s leaders? We want to hear from you! Reply in the comments section of this post. Email us. Slide into our Twitter DMs. Message us on Facebook. Send smoke signals!

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