Emerging Infectious Diseases


The impact of novel Coronavirus is dynamic in Missouri. At the time of this writing, southwest Missouri is the epicenter of the newest cases of COVID-19 over the last 14 days. In total nearly 20 thousand people have tested positive for COVID-19 and nearly one thousand people have died. The University of Missouri Extension is using new technology to monitor disease outbreaks in the state as well as the 14-day trends in the transmission of the virus. Visit the online dashboard for the latest information.

Tick-borne Disease

Many tick-borne diseases are reported in Missouri including, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, Ehrlichiosis, Tularemia, Heartland virus, Bourbon virus, and Lyme like disease. Cases for tick-borne diseases are rising across the U.S. due to climate change and better diagnosis. Read more.

Mosquito-borne Diseases

West Nile Virus is the most common mosquito-bore disease in Missouri. However, Missouri has the potential to become a mosquito paradise as climate change brings more flooding across the state. Increased mosquito populations will have greater opportunity to spread imported diseases like Zika virus from person to person in Missouri. Read more.