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Former Most Fellows

Jenny Bratburd, PhD

PhD | Transportation, Public Safety, and Energy Policy Fellow

Brittany Whitley, PhD

Former Executive Director

Jill Barnas, PhD

Human Services, Corrections, and Public Safety Policy Fellow

Josh Mueller, PhD

Deputy Director

Zachary Miller, PhD

Program Coordinator

Elena Bickell, PhD

Agriculture, Conservation, Natural Resources, and Economic Development Policy Fellow

Rachel K. Owen, PhD


Hannah Elder, MS

Data Management & Policy Fellow

Ngozi Ndekwu, MBBS

LSEN Coordinator

Dan English, MS

Local Science Engagement Network Coordinator

Tomotaroh Granzier-Nakajima, PhD

Energy and Environment Policy Fellow

Alan Moss, PhD

Education & Workforce Development Policy Fellow

Ramon Martinez III, PhD

Health & Mental Health Policy Fellow
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