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Local Science Engagement Network

Missouri Local Science Engagement Network

What is the Local Science Engagement Network?

MOST Policy Initiative and the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) are launching a new grassroots engagement and advocacy campaign to establish and nurture local and state-based multi-disciplinary peer networks of scientists and science enthusiasts dedicated to elevating the role of science in evidence-based public policy.

The goal is to help science advocates identify opportunities to engage civic and policy leaders in the role and use of the evidence-based perspective in finding locally relevant solutions.  See our FAQs for more information about specific components and goals.  

The Local Science Engagement Network (LSEN) is a pilot program that will:

  1. Work to recruit cohorts of scientists from universities, research institutions, AAAS members, and the memberships of other science societies;
  2. Provide ongoing capacity building and guidance in science communications, civic engagement, and effective advocacy;
  3. Determine the local and state context within which science advocacy can engage with and inform the deliberative process (concerning climate policies, programs and practices); and
  4. Develop locally relevant content that will inform and nourish these engagements. 

LSEN will channel the commitment of this energized community and build a lasting engagement infrastructure to quickly identify, connect with, and “plug-in” scientific experts to conversations about climate change and their local implications.  This program represents a significant commitment from AAAS to invest resources and capacity over multiple years to establish lasting networks of science organizations and leaders, elevating their leadership and advocacy skills in local and state policy deliberations.

Advisory Council

The Advisory Council will be guided by a team of professionals, scientists, and researchers across the state with a strong background in civic engagement.

Phil Valko

Washington University in St. Louis
View Profile

Fengpeng Sun, PhD

University of Missouri- Kansas City
View Profile

Barbara Schaal, PhD

Washington University in St. Louis
View Profile

Jasmin Patel

Saint Louis University
View Profile

Holly Neill

The Nature Conservancy
View Profile

Rob Myers, PhD

University of Missouri Extension
View Profile

Tom Jacobs

Mid-America Regional Council
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Alexander Wait, PhD

Missouri State University
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