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Meet a Missouri Scientist: Dan English

Published on July 17, 2020

Dan English followed a circuitous path to becoming a scientist and the Missouri Local Science Engagement Network Coordinator for the MOST Policy Initiative. After graduating from Indiana University with a BA in Telecommunications, Dan worked in the television industry. He was a studio technician working on news and sports shows. From there, Dan helped produce an after-school music video count down for Indy’s Music Channel. He produced several successful morning news shows for TV stations from Indiana to Missouri. He also produced an award-winning short film.

But in 2011, Dan wanted a change. He wanted to spend his time making a positive difference in the world. “I became very interested in biology and health science. I worked overnights writing and planning the morning news while attending chemistry, biology, and math classes at Rockhurst University, in Kansas City, University of Missouri Kansas City, and Johnson County Community College.”

The experience of learning science led Dan to become a surgical technician, working with lasers and other medical technologies. “But that was just a stepping stone for me. I really just wanted to be a physician assistant or a nurse…” Dan said. “That goal changed after I took a one-credit hour class on Public Health. I knew what I wanted to do with all of this science education.”

In 2018, Dan began working on a Master of Science in Global Health degree at the University of Notre Dame. He studied epidemiology and completed his research on malaria in Ecuador. “Ecuador was a great experience. Four of us, three master’s candidates, and one Ph.D. candidate traveled to Quito to partner with a local university. They helped us navigate the country and joined us in our efforts to learn more about the epidemiology of malaria in San Jose de Chamanga, Ecuador.”

Dan says he wants to build his niche at the corner of communications and health research. “That’s why I love working at MOST Policy Initiative. It allows me to flex my communications muscle while working on projects that really matter. So much of what we do is focused on making the world a healthier, greener, and more equitable place. I’m really proud of it.”

Dan also has some side projects he’s passionate about. Check out the WISER Conversations podcast Dan produces, featuring women in science, entrepreneurship, and research.

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