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Casey Canfield

Missouri University of Science & Technology
Casey Canfield

Casey Canfield is an Assistant Professor in Engineering Management & Systems Engineering at Missouri S&T. Broadly, she aims to increase data-driven decision-making at both individual and organizational levels. Her research quantifies the human part of systems so that it can be incorporated in risk, benefit-cost, and other types of decision analysis. She has a PhD in Engineering & Public Policy from Carnegie Mellon University, where she published research on how to communicate electricity information, improve stakeholder engagement in the City of Pittsburgh, and quantify people’s ability to detect phishing emails for risk analysis. After completing her PhD, she spent a year and a half as an ORISE Science and Technology Policy Fellow in the U.S. Department of Energy’s Solar Energy Technologies Office. She managed innovation and social science research portfolios related to the soft costs of solar, such as regulatory uncertainty, customer acquisition, and new business models.

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