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Jeni Hart, PhD

University of Missouri- Columbia

Jeni Hart serves as the Associate Vice Chancellor for Graduate Studies and the Associate Vice Provost for Advanced Studies at the University of Missouri. She is also a full professor of higher education in the Department of Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis (ELPA). Prior to her current position, she served as the department chair for ELPA and as the Assistant Vice Provost for Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies.

She completed her BS in Foreign Service at Georgetown University, her MEd in Higher Education and Student Affairs Administration at University of Vermont, and her PhD in Higher Education Administration at the University of Arizona. She worked for 9 years as a student affairs educator at a number of colleges and universities, and one year as a faculty member at Southeast Missouri State University prior to joining the faculty at the University of Missouri.

Her scholarship is centered on three mutually reinforcing themes: faculty work, gender and feminism, and campus climate. She has published 43 peer reviewed articles and edited book chapters and presents regularly at the Association for the Study of Higher Education and American Educational Research Association meetings.

Jeni has supervised 29 doctoral dissertations and has regularly taught courses including The Professoriate; College Teaching; and Race, Gender, Ethnicity in Higher Education. Jeni has served on the University of Missouri’s Faculty Council, Graduate Faculty Senate, and College of Education’s Strategic Planning Committee. Jeni is also an alumna of the HERS Wellesley Institute and was an SEC Academic Leadership Development Program fellow.

My interest in MOST comes primarily from my current role, leading graduate studies at the University of Missouri. In that capacity, I am an advocate for graduate students, public policy that affects them, and the new knowledge that is created as a result of the important scientific, creative, and technological discoveries of which they are a part. In addition, as a higher education scholar, the future of the academy as a public good is fundamental to my ontological philosophy, and is at the heart of the MOST Policy Fellow program.

Jeni Hart, PhD
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