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Zachary Miller, PhD

Program Coordinator

(314) 308-5755

Zachary Miller earned his Ph.D. in Biological Sciences at the University of Missouri (MU) where he worked with Dr. Lauren Sullivan to investigate climate change impacts on pollination ecology. Using alpine ecosystems as study sites, Miller used novel acoustic techniques alongside long-term climate and floral data to understand how shifts in climate affect bumblebee health and pollination services. His work helped to demonstrate the viability of alternative, non-lethal methods for studying important pollinators. Miller is passionate about science outreach and education. He worked on an NIH SEPA grant with MU’s Linking Science & Literacy for All Learners to develop and implement middle school science curricula, and he presently serves on the executive team of Science on Wheels, an MU-based science outreach organization. After graduation, Miller seeks a career at the intersection of science and policy in Missouri. Prior to MU, Miller served as a Sustainable Agriculture Extensionist in the United States Peace Corps in Paraguay and earned a B.A. in Environmental Studies at Truman State University.

Zachary Miller, PhD
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