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Legislative Science Notes

Several state general assemblies in the Midwest, including Missouri’s, meet from January to May each spring, with bills pre-filed starting in December. While the legislators are actively filing, debating, and voting on legislation, MOST Policy Initiative will be drafting short ‘science notes’ to describe the science behind policy issues.

What is a science note?

Science notes are short (1-3 page) memos that describe scientific principles related to policies or legislation. Each science note features non-biased scientific data and summaries of studies that have been conducted that may relate to proposed legislation.

Legislators and legislative staff are the primary intended audience for the science notes, but they will be made publicly available on the MOST website.

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Accommodations for Breastfeeding Mothers in Missouri Schools

The decision to initiate and continue breastfeeding often depends on several factors, including:

Adult Basic Education - Workforce Diplomas

Approximately 9.3% of Missourians over the age of twenty-five do not have a high school diploma or equivalency.

Advanced Practice Registered Nursing Scope of Practice

Advanced practice registered nurses (APRNs) are nurses with advanced degrees who practice as certified nurse practitioners, certified nurse midwives, certified registered nurse anesthetists, or certified clinical nurse specialists.

Alternative High School Graduation Pathways

Colleges, employers, and communities expect that students who earn high school diplomas will be prepared for success after graduation, whether in higher education, the workforce or civic life.

Anhydrous Ammonia

Anhydrous ammonia is a chemical commonly used as nitrogen fertilizer, that when handled improperly, can be dangerous.

Biospecimen Confidentiality

Research involving human participants can include the collection of biospecimens, such as blood or tissue, that can be analyzed for diagnostic purposes or evaluation of clinical treatments.

Broadband and Telemedicine

Telemedicine is any kind of electronic exchange of medical information, including patient portals to access health records, phone and video visits, or remote monitoring of patients.

Broadband Availability Mapping

Maps displaying broadband availability, adoption, and speed are useful to policymakers, broadband providers, and grantmaking organizations because they help identify areas of need, inform priorities, and direct broadband deployment funds. However, current broadband availability data collection methodologies possess several drawbacks that result in inaccurate and out of date maps.

Broadband Deployment

Broadband, typically referring to high speed internet, is linked to many economic benefits, including attracting business, increasing incomes, and expanding opportunities for education and telemedicine.

Career and Technical Education in Missouri

Career and technical education (CTE) programs during high school can provide students with academic knowledge (e.g., career-oriented courses, dual enrollment), technical skills & certifications (e.g., industry-recognized credentials), as well as real-world work experience (e.g., career academies, internships, youth apprenticeships).

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