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Back to school during a pandemic: student mental health

September 1, 2021
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Back to school during a pandemic: student mental health

A roundtable discussion featuring Missouri policymakers and researchers discussing student mental health policy implications as a pandemic continues.

Virtual Event (Zoom), September 8, 2021 at 3 pm (optional networking at 4 pm)

The Missouri Local Science Engagement Network is sponsoring a virtual, live roundtable discussion on the mental health considerations of heading back to school during a pandemic. With the COVID-19 pandemic continuing, children today are the first cohort in the modern age to begin a new school year with a deadly virus spreading. What are the mental health implications of going back to school in this environment? What should policymakers and school administrators consider going forward?

Attendees will learn from policymakers and researchers about how they incorporate science into practice. The Missouri LSEN will also provide resources for attendees to easily share the scientific information surrounding education and mental health with their state and local policymakers.

Speakers at this event include Chris Horn, School Board Member for Columbia Public Schools; Sarah Soden, MD, Developmental & Behavioral Medicine at Children's Mercy Hospital; and Colleen Colaner, Ph.D., Communications Researcher at the University of Missouri.

The discussion will take place on Wednesday, September 8 at 3 pm. An informal networking event will follow the discussion with a chance to meet panelists and build connections with fellow Missouri scientists and researchers.

Register to attend at and/or find additional information at: https://mostpolicyinitiative.org/event/back-to-school-during-a-pandemic-student-mental-health/

About the MOST Policy Initiative

MOST Policy Initiative works collaboratively with policymakers and the scientific community to determine priority topics and identify knowledge gaps. We do not offer unsolicited scientific advice to lawmakers. Rather, we take requests for information from lawmakers through the Missouri Science & Technology Policy Fellows Program. When working with scientists, we encourage them to build relationships with elected officials and leaders to understand where science can most effectively inform policy discussions.

As part of the MOST Policy Initiative, the Missouri Local Science Engagement Network seeks to build a network of scientists and researchers around Missouri interested in elevating science in policy discussions at the state and local levels.


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