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Addendum: Broadband Improvement Districts

March 9, 2022
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WRITTEN BY Dr. Tomy Granzier-Nakajima

Executive Summary 

Broadband improvement district allows several political entities (e.g., municipalities, counties) to join in order to build out broadband infrastructure together. These districts can also partner with private entities. In 2021, Missouri passed a law (RSMo 71.1000) allowing municipalities to form a broadband improvement district upon voter approval. HB 2016 and HB 2353 in the 2022 legislative session would expand this statute to allow political subdivisions to form broadband improvement districts. 


  • Vermont, Arkansas, New Hampshire, and Washington have passed legislation allowing for the establishment of broadband improvement districts.
  • Involving multiple stakeholders in broadband deployment efforts may provide several benefits including the ability to leverage combined financial resources, enhance revenue potential, and share expertise.


  • Scientific research investigating the effects of broadband improvement districts on broadband deployment is not yet available.


This Note is an addendum to a previous Science Note: State-level Broadband Policies.

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