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Arrest for Technical Violations by State

Written by Dr. Sarah Anderson
Published on May 15, 2024
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State laws vary on who can arrest and when the arrest can occur for violations of community supervision.

When an offender commits a technical violation (i.e. violates the terms of their community supervision) their probation/parole officer will report the violation to the probation and parole board. Depending on the violation, the board may issue a warrant for the offender’s arrest. Four states allow only a probation/parole officer to arrest an offender for a technical violation (Figure 1). Sixteen states allow law enforcement officers to arrest an offender under community supervision if there is a warrant for their arrest.

Not all states require a warrant to arrest an offender for technical violations. Eight states allow law enforcement officers to arrest an offender for technical violations without a warrant. Thirteen states allow a law enforcement officer to arrest an offender for technical violations without a warrant if they have been requested to do so by an individual from the community supervision department.

How law enforcement officers access conditions of an offender's community supervision varies by state. In CA, each county has its own communication system, and local information sharing policies determine whether conditions of supervision are shared with law enforcement (CPOC 2012).



Figure 1. Map of the officers allowed to arrest an offender under community supervision for technical violations. Go to the PDF for clickable links on the states to be taken to the state statute or see works cited below.


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