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Recovery High Schools

March 23, 2021
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WRITTEN BY Brittany Whitley

Recovery high schools are diploma-granting secondary schools that exclusively serve students recovering from substance abuse and dependency.

There are less than fifty recovery schools in the United States, and only one in Missouri (St. Louis). Although per-student costs at recovery high schools are higher than traditional high schools, students who attend recovery high schools are more likely to graduate and less likely to relapse than their peers at district high schools.

Senate Bill 259 and House Bill 322 would allow for the establishment of public recovery high school(s) in Missouri.

Under SCS SB 259, up to four pilot programs could be established by school districts (or groups of school districts) in metropolitan areas. The resident (or sending) school district would be responsible for paying either the student tuition of the recovery school student or the state adequacy target plus local effort, whichever is lower.

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