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State Policies on Catalytic Converter Sales

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Written by Dr. Madeleine Roberts
Published on January 30, 2024
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Most states require specific detailed recordkeeping about the sale of detached catalytic converters, including transaction details and identifying information of the seller, vehicle the catalytic converter was removed from, and the catalytic converter itself.

Some states require buyers of catalytic converters to report the sale electronically through an online portal, 24 hours to 60 days after the sale took place.

See the related Science Note on Catalytic Converter Theft.

Table 1. Summary of states’ policies on the sales of detached catalytic converters (CC). Required information in detailed sales records commonly includes identifying information of the seller (name, home address, copy of ID, photo/description), the vehicle the CC was removed from (year, make, model, VIN, license plate number, title, registration, proof of ownership), the CC itself (photo, description, unique stock number, signed statement that CC was legally obtained), and transaction details (amount paid, date, time, location). Electronic records are required to be submitted by the metal recycler (buyer) within a timeframe, ranging from 24 hours to 60 days after a sale.

States Statutes Require keeping specific sales records Require submission of electronic record Require adding unique, permanent ID to CC Buyer must be permitted
TX Sec.1956.0321-.036 Yes Yes Yes Yes
AR A.C.A. § 17-44-109
NY VAT 415.a
AZ 2022 HB 2652
ME Title 29-A §1113
CT Sec. 14-67m Yes Yes Yes No
MN 2023 HB 30 Yes No Yes Yes
AK AS 08.60.200 Yes Yes No Yes
CA Sec. 21610
CO C.R.S. 18-13-111
IA Sec. 714.27A
KS K.S.A. 50-6,111
KY K.R.S. 433.890
NJ N.J.S. 45:28-2
UT Sec. 13-32a
VA Sec. 59.1-136.5
WA RCW 19.290.020
NM Sec. 57-30-2.4,8 Yes Yes No No
MD RS 17-1009
SC Sec. 16-17-680 Yes No No Yes
FL Sec. 860.142
LA 2022 HB 547
MS Sec. 97-17-71.3
MT 2023 HB 255
NC G.S. 14-164.1, 66-421
NH Sec. 322:16
ND Sec. 51-35
OK Sec. 2-11-93
PA P.L. 1408, No. 0113
IL Ch. 815 325/4.4 Yes No No No
AL Sec. 13A-8-37.3
DE Ch. 75, Title 21
GA O.C.G.A. § 10-1-350
NV NRS 647.017,.092-.098
RI Sec. 6-11.1-4

*NOTE: This memo was written in response to a specific legislator request and is meant to supplement the research contained in the following full Science Note: Catalytic Converter Theft.

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