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Tax Credit for Urban Agriculture in Food Deserts

December 11, 2020
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WRITTEN BY Eleni Bickell

SB82 allows a taxpayer to claim a tax credit against the taxpayer's state tax liability and authorizes a tax credit equal to fifty percent of a taxpayer's expenses incurred in the construction or development of an urban farm located in a food desert.

The tax credit shall not exceed $1,000 for any single urban farm and shall not be transferable or refundable, but may be carried forward for three years. The total amount of tax credits authorized under this act shall not exceed $100,000 in any calendar year. Enacted bills in Missouri have allowed the establishment of committees in cities for urban agriculture (HB1848, 2010), have established urban agriculture zones (UAZ)1 (HB542, 2013) and have provided grants for promoting the establishment of community gardens (HB2006, 2016).

SB82 is unique because it authorizes a tax credit for specifically producing an urban agricultural product in areas where there are not a lot of grocery stores (food deserts).

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