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Addendum: Broadband Development Task Forces

February 26, 2022
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WRITTEN BY Dr. Tomy Granzier-Nakajima

Executive Summary 

Broadband task forces are composed of stakeholders from inside and outside government who can provide a broad range of perspectives and resources to tackle problems associated with broadband deployment. These task forces evaluate and advise the broadband deployment efforts of states and provide policy recommendations on how to best expand broadband access. Missouri HB 2052, filed in the 2022 legislative session, would establish a broadband deployment task force in order to evaluate the status of broadband deployment in the state, and make recommendations about how best to increase broadband deployment to certain residents. 


  • Thirty-five states have some form of broadband task force or office established via statute.
  • Interviews by the Pew Charitable Trust of broadband stakeholders across several states found that the lack of a mandate or funding to encourage collaboration between stakeholders can present a challenge to meaningful coordination.
  • One scientific study found that the presence of a state-level broadband task force or office with full-time employment was associated with a higher percentage of residents with two or more broadband providers and a higher percentage of rural broadband availability.


  • Overall, there are not many scientific research studies on the effects of broadband development task forces on broadband deployment.
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