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Prison Standards

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Written by Dr. Sarah Anderson
Published on July 9, 2024
Research Highlights

Table 1. Lists of items and programs provided by the Department of Corrections. Links to state statutes available in the PDF and in the works cited (MO DOC).

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Inmates, staff, and facilities have rules set by the DOC and legislation.

In MO, all inmates must adhere to the Offender Rulebook (DOC 2019). The rules of conduct have levels of severity (1 highest – 3 least) with corresponding corrective sanctions. Breaking level 1 rules includes actions such as murder, assault, or arson. Breaking level 2 or 3 rules includes a wide range of behaviors ranging from possession of a controlled substance to bribery to abuse of the telephone.

Staff also have policies they must follow (DOC 2024). Employees must report all work-related misconduct and occurrences of sexual abuse. They cannot have any unnecessary personal contact with offenders or offender’s families (e.g., unauthorized communication, joking, carrying messages) and cannot engage in solicitation or gambling. Sex with an offender is sexual abuse and a felony offense.

All prisons must follow the standards detailed in the Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA 2012). This federal law prevents, investigates, provides treatment and collects data on all cases of sexual abuse in prisons.


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